Many people are great candidates for a hair transplant. Women, men and transgender people can all achieve greatly enhanced hair through this procedure.

Here at Look Natural Hair Restoration, we get a fair amount of questions on the web and in our practice about hair transplants. One of the most frequent questions from patients is if they are candidates for hair transplant. The simple answer to this question is YES. Almost everyone out there with hair loss is a candidate for a hair transplant.

But how can I say that nearly everyone is a candidate without knowing the patients individually’ The answer is in the statistics of hair loss. The vast majority of hair loss is caused by male pattern hair loss which is caused by sensitivity to a certain type of testosterone. All of these people are candidates. People that have lost hair from scars or accidents are almost always candidates. Women who have lost hair from over plucking or traction alopecia are candidates.

In fact it may be harder to find people that are NOT candidates for a hair transplant. The main groups I can think of are people with medical issues where it is not safe to perform cosmetic surgery or people that have hair loss from alopecia areata, a condition that can cause hair loss in areas of the scalp that are not affected by male pattern baldness. Other reasons why a hair transplant might not be a viable solution is that some people don’t have suitable donor areas from which to take hair follicles or the extent of the hair loss is too great. Other than those examples, almost everyone else is a candidate.

That being said, we take our patient’s health very seriously. If necessary, we will have our patients see a dermatologist in order to rule out any underlying issues causing their hair loss before moving forward. For our female patients, we’ll also ensure that they get blood work done to check if they may be anemic or if they have thyroid issues.

The decision to proceed from candidate to having the procedure needs to be made carefully. Scheduling a consultation is the best way forward, as we will ensure that you receive all necessary information. We’ll let you know the risks and benefits of the procedure, the limits of hair transplants and what to expect from the results.

So, to answer the question, YES you are most likely a candidate for a hair transplant. But there is a lot we need to discuss before you undergo the procedure. Talk to you soon.

Author: Mishelle Risman
Date: 01/17/20

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