FUT Procedure

After the emotionally challenging experience of hair loss, it can be hard to believe that there is an effective solution at your disposal. However, Look Natural Hair Restoration delivers just that. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) gives you significantly denser hair with an emphasis on a natural look.

At Look Natural Hair Restoration, our innovative FUT methods can: 

  • Fill in thinning hair 
  • Reshape hairlines 
  • Restore density 
  • Decrease a widening part

How Does FUT Work?

FUT works by taking grafts from the back of your head where hair growth is thicker and implanting those grafts into the front, where it’s thinner. The idea is to give you healthy, hair-producing follicles where they are currently sparse. Hair follicles, or grafts, are the cells that produce hair and so are the key for creating lasting change to hair density in the relevant area.

FUT is a perfect choice for those who do not mind a small scar on the back of the scalp which is usually covered when the hair itself regrows.

So, what does the FUT process with Dr. Ross entail?

Donor Tissue is Collected: The patient is settled in the comfortable Look Natural Hair Restoration facility by our friendly team. They are then taken to the procedure room where their journey begins. Hair above the donor area is lifted up and a thin strip below that is shaved and numbed with a local anesthetic. The strip of donor tissue is then excised from the back of the scalp and the incision sutured in a way that produces minimal scarring. The hair that was initially lifted is now allowed to drape down so that it covers the sutures below and no signs of the procedure are visible from the back.

The strip taken from the patient’s scalp may contain thousands of follicles. While the recipient sites are being created, highly skilled technicians dissect the strip into individual grafts which consist of 1, 2 or 3 follicles each.

Recipient Site Procedure: Following the removal of the donor strip, the recipient area is then numbed also using a local anesthetic. Dr. Ross then creates the recipient sites using an instrument like a small scalpel or needle. Each recipient site is carefully created so that the angle and placement of the grafts specifically matches the angle and pattern of your natural hair. This ensures that your new growth blends seamlessly with any existing hair and looks completely natural.

Healing Timeline: At first, the natural elasticity of the scalp retains the implanted grafts. Then, after 48 hours, the grafts are secured by the fully formed scabs until the skin heals. By approximately 7-10 days, the skin is healed and the scabs start to fall off. Since the transplanted follicles enter a dormant phase, new hair doesn’t begin to grow until almost 3 months after the surgery and continues to thicken as more follicles exit dormancy over the following months. Discover more about the phases of regrowth in our recent article, Hair Transplant Phases and Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to Take the Leap.

Most people can return to work only a few days after the surgery is completed. While some discomfort is felt on the first night, it is easily controlled with pain medication and most people wake up the following day feeling great. We recommend avoiding work and high-pressure or highly-physical tasks for the first 48 hours. Working out and exercising are not recommended for the first two weeks.

For more information, we advise you to take a look at the resource What To Expect When You Get a Hair Transplant.

Take a look at our Before and After Gallery to see some of the results that can be achieved with FUT.