Micropigmentation is the perfect solution for men who shave their head and would like to give the appearance that shaving is a style choice as opposed to a response to thinning hair. This method is a non-permanent hair tattoo and is recommended for covering scars as well as filling thinning hair density. The tattooed pigment gives the illusion of a full head of follicles and also saves time from shaving daily or multiple times a week.

Micropigmentation can also be used for men and women in the early stages of thinning. Placing pigment between the existing hair decreases the contrast between the hair and scalp thereby giving a fuller and denser appearance.

Offering a truly premium service, Dr. Ross is one of the few physicians who carries out micropigmentation himself. Aestheticians or clinicians are able to complete the procedure, but there’s nothing quite like a trained medical eye for getting micropigmentation just right.

With delicate needles and a doctor’s expertise, this is world’s apart from a traditional tattoo. Thousands of dots combine to create an expertly planned, cosmetically appealing vision. Using different distributions, depths and shades, Dr. Ross positions each dot in a way that fills in the scalp and replicates the appearance of hair follicles.

This is particularly effective for men who are balding and usually wear their hair closely-shaved. The tattooed dots naturally look like closely-shaved hair, creating a very natural look.

We can:

  • Fill in thinning hair 
  • Reshape hairlines 
  • Cover scars
  • Cover FUT scars
  • Restore visual density 
  • Decrease appearance of widening parting 
  • Conceal alopecia
  • You can learn even more about Micropigmentation by reading our recent blog post; A Deep Dive into Micropigmentation.

The procedure is fast, simple and effective, with very low levels of pain and discomfort. Patients can be back in the office the very next day.

Micropigmentation uses semi-permanent cosmetic ink as opposed to tattoos which use permanent ink. These inks stay true to color so that black and shades of black don’t turn bluish or greenish over time. Also, this allows for a change of hair color, style or loss over time while the micropigmentation results continue to look natural. These inks typically last approximately 3-5 years with the rate of fading determined by several factors such as body chemistry and exposure to sun.