FUE Procedure

A thicker-looking, healthy head of hair can be a key element of your identity. Your cosmetic choices are deeply personal, and enhancing your hair via the FUE method can be a life-changing experience. At Look Natural Hair Restoration, we work with many patients who choose an FUE because it gives them more hair styling options in the future. Men are able to keep their closely shaved hairstyle as the procedure leaves only small, round scars. 

At Look Natural Hair Restoration, our innovative FUE methods can: 

  • Fill in thinning hair 
  • Reshape hairlines 
  • Restore density 
  • Decrease a widening part

How Does FUE Work?

FUE is a highly precise method in which each graft needed for the transplant is individually extracted, which avoids a linear scar. After the grafts are obtained, they are gently placed into the recipient sites where the natural elasticity of the scalp locks them in place ready for the healing process.

What does this procedure with Dr. Ross entail?

Donor Tissue is Collected: The patient is settled in the exclusive Look Natural Hair Restoration facility. After identifying the areas to be transplanted, a new hairline is designed if necessary. The donor area, which is the back and/or sides of the scalp, is then prepped by shaving the hair down to about 1mm in length and the scalp is numbed with a local anesthetic. The patient is then placed in the prone position, as though lying on a massage table, and the grafts are extracted using small skin punches that are less than 1mm in diameter.

Each graft may contain 1, 2 or 3 follicles. While the recipient sites are being created, highly skilled technicians trim and sort  the individual grafts under a microscope so that only healthy, viable grafts are selected.

Recipient Site Procedure: Following the removal of the grafts, the recipient area is then numbed also using a local anesthetic. Dr. Ross then creates the recipient sites using an instrument like a small scalpel or needle. Each recipient site is carefully created so that the angle and placement of the grafts specifically matches the angle and pattern of your natural hair. This ensures that your new growth blends seamlessly with any existing hair and looks completely natural.

Healing Timeline: At first, the natural elasticity of the scalp retains the implanted grafts. Around 48 hours later, the grafts are secured by the fully formed scabs until the skin heals. Then, approximately 7-10 days after the procedure, the skin heals and the scabs start to fall off. The transplanted follicles enter a dormant phase during this time and new hair doesn’t begin to grow until almost 3 months after the surgery. Hair continues to thicken as more follicles exit dormancy over the following months. Discover more about your hair restoration journey in our recent article, Your Hair Restoration Journey: The Facts.

Most people can return to work only a few days after the surgery is completed. While some discomfort is felt on the first night, it is easily controlled with pain medication, and many people wake up the following day feeling great. We recommend avoiding work and high-pressure or highly-physical tasks for the first 48 hours. Working out and exercising are not recommended for the first two weeks.

For more information, we advise you to take a look at the resource What To Expect When You Get a Hair Transplant.

Take a look at our Before and After Gallery to see some of the results that can be achieved with FUE.