Beard Transplant

Many men find that they have never enjoyed the level of facial hair density that they desire. Others may experience thinning or patchy facial hair over time. With years of experience enhancing facial hair, your ideal mustache thickness or beard coverage is something that Look Natural Hair Restoration can deliver in a way that is simple and reinvigorating.

Whether you’re looking to grow a full “lumberjack beard” or just create a “3-day scruff”, a facial hair transplant is the premium choice.

The grafts for the beard enhancement are taken from the back and sides of the head. The donor area is chosen based on how well the hair there matches the beard in terms of coarseness, wave and curl. Then the procedure is carried out via the FUT or FUE method. Once the healing process is over, you can trim, shave and style your beard just as you would with any facial hair. 

Facial hair can transform your face, creating an attractive look that complements your overall aesthetic. For a beard, mustache or sideburns, Dr. Ross is able to bring out your best. 

Beard Restoration New Jersey