A hair transplant is often the first thing that springs to mind when looking for a way to achieve thicker-looking hair on the head. It’s a life-changing procedure that completely skyrockets a patients’ confidence and aesthetic. Many people don’t realize, however, that the exact same science, procedure, and technology can be used to create thicker hair in other areas, too. The beard and eyebrows are both easily enhanced with a transplant, which can come as a pleasant surprise to patients looking for more density in these areas.

Speaking of surprises, it’s relatively rarely known that that hair transplants work equally well for women. The world of hair transplants is detailed and varied! In this blog, we will go through the other ways in which hair transplants can enhance beards, eyebrows, and women’s heads of hair.

Eyebrow Transplant

People may begin to lose their eyebrows for many reasons, be it stress, genetics, hormones, or illness. A common way to approach this issue is by filling in the gaps with eyebrow pencils or using over-the-counter regrowth creams and products. However, while these may have a short-term effect, they rarely have the desired long-term impact of full, thick, and healthy brows. 

An eyebrow transplant results in natural-looking robust hairs that can be trimmed, dyed and styled just like original eyebrows. This gives patients refreshed confidence as they face the world and feel truly happy with their look, from their head to their toes. This also limits the need for expensive and chemical-heavy brow makeup.

A hair transplant for the eyebrows is a long-term and incredibly impactful solution for people looking to boost their confidence and the way that their eyebrows look. This is carried out as a simple outpatient procedure in our friendly Look Natural Hair Restoration offices by transferring hair grafts, which contain follicles from which hair will grow, from the donor site to the brow area. New hairs will grow from these follicles, producing a fuller and thicker look. 

Beard Transplant

As the winter months draw in, it’s no surprise that men start looking to grow out their beards and enhance their facial hair. However, it’s a year-round phenomenon, too. Studies show that women find men with beards more attractive, and also rate them as more masculine and likelier to be good fathers. 

With all these societal connotations of beards plus the fact that they simply look good, men are often on the lookout for ways to thicken their facial hair and make it more dense and defined. Celebrities around the world are opting in to this popular treatment and there really has never been a better time than now. With COVID-19 slowing life down, recovery time is abundant for any cosmetic procedures like this. 

Beard transplants are a fantastic option because, after the healing process, they can simply be treated as a normal beard. With the ability to shave, trim, style, and even dye the beard hair. Even better news? Virtually any beard style can be crafted under the expert aesthetic care of Dr. Glen Ross. Candidates can look at different types of beards and decide which is right for them. Whether they’d like a full and bushy beard or better stubble coverage, Look Natural Hair Restoration will be able to deliver. 

The recovery time for a beard transplant itself is minimal. Using the FUT or FUE technique, Dr. Glen Ross crafts excellent results with the donor hair. He chooses the donor area based on how well it matches the beard’s coarseness, wave, and curl. An average of 4000 to 7000 hairs may be transplanted, one by one, potentially using 2 hairs per graft to give a more natural look to the beard.

Women’s Hair

Another hair transplant procedure that is rarely on anyone’s list of well-known procedures is hair transplants for women. However, these transplants can have the most beautiful outcomes, helping women to achieve younger and healthier looks. Women can start to lose their hair due to a lack of vitamins, certain hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, and also the overuse of hairdryers and other heated cosmetic appliances such as curlers. Harsh chemicals and aggressive styling (such as tight clips) can also affect the hair negatively. 

Thinning hair cause women to experience real psychological distress, as the hair is often associated with standards of beauty. However, studies show that up to two-thirds of postmenopausal women suffer from thinning hair along their hair parting or even patches of hair loss. 

A hair transplant can fix and improve this situation immeasurably. With thicker and fuller hair, women are free to live their lives with no worries or confidence issues. Dr. Glen Ross carries out hair transplants for women with a trained and aesthetic eye. Women often opt for FUT procedures, as the area of hair that must be shaved for the donor area can often be covered by their long hair at the back of the head.

As you can see, hair transplants are very varied and broad as a solution, and this kind of cosmetic procedure can be applied to anything from the beard to the eyebrows and more. If you’re interested in creating thicker and denser hair for yourself, reach out to the Look Natural Hair Restoration for a free consultation, today.


Dr. Glen Ross

Date: 22/10/2020

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