No matter who you are, knowing that your physical appearance reflects your inner essence is a huge confidence booster. Whether it’s reflected in the way you dress, your makeup or your hairstyle, it all comes down to feeling confident in your own skin. 

At Look Natural Hair Restoration, we’re proud to help transgender patients express themselves with gender-affirming hair restoration procedures. These procedures can help transgender patients achieve an aesthetic that matches their desired physical expression. Whether you’re looking for a more feminine hairline or a full-on beard/mustache combination, hair restoration procedures can help you look and feel truly yourself.

Hair Restoration And Beard Transplants For Transgender Men

Hair restoration and beard transplants can effectively help transgender men achieve a more masculine appearance. While hormone replacement therapy might aid in the growth of some facial hair, a hair transplant procedure will yield the best results for those looking to grow a fuller beard, mustache and/or sideburns.

Facial hair transplants involve moving hair from the back of the head to the face. The grafts can be obtained by either the FUE or FUT method. During an FUT, your surgeon will harvest a strip of donor tissue from the back or side of your head. The tissue is then separated into individual grafts that are implanted into the desired area. An FUE involves extracting each graft individually and then placing those into the recipient sites. Both of these procedures are performed under local anesthesia.

Once the donor grafts have been harvested, the surgeon will also use local anesthetic in the area of your face where the grafts are to be implanted, whether that’s the upper lip or across the cheeks. Small incisions are made in that area for the grafts, which are then placed at an angle that matches the natural growth of facial hair. The result is seamless, and you’ll be able to trim and shave your facial hair once it’s grown out.

Hairline Restoration For Transgender Women

People who were assigned male at birth are susceptible to what’s known as male pattern baldness, which causes the look of a receding hairline. Even without experiencing recession, there are more masculine and more feminine shapes to a hairline. For transgender women, achieving a natural-looking, feminine hairline can be made possible with a hair restoration procedure. 

As with a beard or mustache transplant, hairlines can be corrected using an FUE or FUT procedure. Either of these procedures can help build a hairline to follow a more feminine-looking curve and fill in the “M” shape that’s characteristic of male pattern baldness.

Post-Beard or Hair Transplant

After undergoing a hair transplant, patients typically will need about a week or two to lay low and let the grafts heal. You may notice some swelling and redness in the days after your procedure, but that’s completely normal and will resolve in a matter of days. 

Patients usually start noticing their hair transplant results kicking in about 2-3 months after the procedure. You’ll see full results in as little as 10-12 months post-procedure, paving the path for authentic gender expression in a way that resonates most with you. 

Questions about a gender-reaffirming hair transplant? Get in touch with us and we’re happy to help!

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