Ahh the holiday season, a beautiful time of year. The snow falls gently in the streets, and warm food, drinks, and shining lights provide comfort. What’s not to love? For many people, the chilly winter months are also their favorite time of year because they have an excuse to wear a hat, and cover their thinning hair. If this is you, you aren’t alone. 

As you may already know, Look Natural Hair Restoration expertly delivers a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures. The holiday season is one of the best times to take the leap and restore your confidence with either a hair transplant, micropigmentation or non-surgical hair restoration options. 

In fact, the holiday season is positively correlated with an increase in the number of people undergoing cosmetic procedures. This is no coincidence – the season coincides with increased time off work, which many people use to rest and recover. It also is a time of self-reflection, in which people get ready for the new year and focus on improving areas that they may lack confidence about. Often, this means that they have made the decision to invest in themselves and their own confidence. 

Here at Look Natural Hair Restoration, we truly believe that the holidays are a great time of year for a hair transplant. Let’s dive into all the benefits of hair restoration procedures and discuss why now is a better time than ever for FUT, FUE, micropigmentation and more

Confidence is Elevated

Balding. Thinning hair. A receding hairline. Whatever you want to call it, it’s usually not a welcome addition to a person’s life. In fact, studies show that thinning hair leads to increased stress, social anxiety and preoccupation with the balding itself, meaning that your thoughts constantly stray to your looks and how your hair affects them. 

At a time of year when we reflect on relationships, our happiness and our goals, the effects of hair loss on self esteem are brought to light. Over the winter holidays, many people find that they are ready to make a dramatic change so that they can jump into the new year as an improved version of themselves. The choice having been made they already feel better. Whether they choose micropigmentation to fill in their thinning hair with surgically tattooed pigment or FUT/FUE hair transplants, to permanently enhance their hairline, the decision can be life-changing. 

According to recent research, hair transplantation can significantly elevate a patient’s self-esteem, and increase satisfaction with appearance – a fantastic, and confidence-affirming decision to take into your next year of life. 

You’re Saving Money Long-Term

While it’s true that micropigmentation and hair transplants both incur an upfront cost, they save countless dollars in the long run, and many patients find themselves incredibly happy with their financial savings, as well as their cosmetic results. This is because people with thinning hair tend to spend a significant amount of money on “experimental” or ineffective hair loss solutions before turning to tried and true surgical options. Many of these less-effective solutions are regular treatments like shampoos and creams that claim to help with hair loss, which means years of buying the same product over and over – that really adds up! 

The result of a hair transplant is significantly longer term than, for example, a cream, because it actually takes a healthy, hair-producing follicle and transplants it into the area where hair has been thinning. This means that the follicle will continue to grow new hair in that area, as long as it remains healthy. 

Though you should always consider any large purchase carefully, with a year of savings, seasonal bonuses at work and more, many people find that the holiday season is a great time to make an investment that will save them money in the long term.

Time Off Work

Depending on the procedure you choose, there will be different requirements for recovery time. For a hair transplant, the incisions typically heal within the first 7-10 days so after that, aesthetically speaking, there are minimal to no signs of surgery. Then, in 3-4 months the new hairs will begin to grow, with more growth continuing to add density over time, taking 9-12 months for the full results to be revealed. With micropigmentation, the results are effective immediately and the redness reduces after around 1 day. 

In both of these cases, many patients choose to take a little time off work, although more so with hair transplants. Being able to rest enables you to relax while you heal. The holiday season is the perfect time to take a break from work. People are taking time off to celebrate and for those who’d like to keep their surgery more discreet, this can be perfect for recovering privately without taking attention-grabbing time off work during other periods of the year. 
Being able to gift yourself the joy of continued long-term confidence is something that many people have found to be life-changing. Explore our surgical and non-surgical options, today. If you have any questions, simply reach out for a free consultation.

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